What’s avanInfo?

Information management system. Collects and, stores all the process data in one or several independent servers of the control system, with high resolution and long data persistence. With web access utilities for computers and mobile devices, allows to analyze and visualize process trends in real time.



  • Developed in Java, for the web
  • Instant reports in real time
  • Supervision from mobile devices
  • Alarm sending by email and SMS
  • Process trends
  • Display of process screens

Java technology for HTML 5

Web interface with predefined screens for any device.

Instant Reporting

Real Time Reporting. Historical query, selectable tags and high resolution.

Exportable to pdf, xlsx and xml.

Pre-defined reports

Shift, daily, weekly and customized.

Instant access to historical data.


Fully configurable.

Zoom options, package saving and export.

Department summary

With the basic information linked to a department: process trends, production and quality KPIs, selection of time horizons and access to department alarms.

Alarm analysis

Wide possibilities of filtering and sorting (time, area, priority, status, type)

Filtering alarms by frequency or by alarm time

Periods with more alarms

Mobile devices accessibility

Process supervision from different mobile devices with access to reports, trends and alarms.

Process screens

Selected alarm sending by SMS, email or others

Remote process control with process supervision,
recognition of alarms and start/stop sections.


Laboratory automation


Expert system for optimization
of complex procceses


Supervision and control system
for the cement and minerals industry