What's avanLab?

The control of the quality in the cement process requires an almost continuous analysis of the raw materials and of those that are in process.

The use of avanLab helps laboratory and production personnel in all aspects related to sampling, treatment, storage of analysis, and mix control decision making.


Laboratory automation system (SAL)

Manages and stores the data of the different samples (cements, clinker, raw materials), analyzed in the laboratory.

Access, data export and reporting from different computers.

Raw mix control (CMC)

Monitors and controls proportions of the different materials in the feeders.

Obtains previously specified composition qualities.

Dynamic allocation between material and feeder.

Dynamic correction of material composition.

Recalculation of instructions in case of new analysis or unavailability of a feeder.

Pneumatic transport system (STN)

Supervises and controls the taking of samples and the transportation from the different points of the process to the laboratory.

Handles both automatic and manual sampling stations. Sample planning module per family.

Sample preparation system (CPM)

It manages all the processing of the samples in the laboratory.

Fully integrated with the SAL and STN modules.

Identifies the sample and performs the appropriate processing.


Supervision and control system
for the cement and minerals industry


Expert system for optimization
of complex procceses


Process information and
reporting system