What's avanProc?

Supervision and control system for the cement and minerals industry, with DCS functionality, designed according to the ASM “abnormal situation management” and “Situational Awareness” standards


  • Based on open standards
  • Compatible with all major PLC brands
  • Advanced alarm system
  • High resolution historical trends
  • Long range historical data
  • Advanced user management
  • Scalable architecture
  • Multiple redundancy
  • Broad technical support

Process displays

Display Hierarchy according to the information levels needed.

New graphics, with special focus in relevant information (embedded trends, moving analog indicators, plain colors).


Following the ASM (Abnormal Situation Management) recommendations.

Management of alarm priorities (Critical, High, Medium, Low) visually differentiated.

Historical data

High frequency data reading and recording for both analog and digital values.

Long data persistence.

Export of data to different formats.

Process objects

Object process libraries for the cement industry.

Advanced alarm management.

Unique features in terms of information on stop causes and system interlocks.


Improvements in control system

Increase in productivity, security and efficiency.

More information, less personnel

Information adapted to the role of each person and department.


Ease of maintenance and future extensions and a lower need for spare parts.


Laboratory automation


Expert system for optimization
of complex procceses


Process information and
reporting system